dinsdag 4 maart 2014

DIY Neon Antlers

am very proud to present my newest DIY idea. I have to say, I love it! It's very easy to make and gives my living room a very stylish effect. It's a bit of a problem that I live together with my beloved boyfriend and as you might expect, he hates it. But, as always, I really wish to believe he just have to get used to it so I'll give it a few days (weeks). 

I bought this little treasure at a flea-market in the Jordaan in Amsterdam. There not very rare so it must be doable to find yourself one in a secondhand shop. 

I sprayed the whole thing white and gave it a little pink neon touch. Of course you can try every color. When my boyfriend still hates it in a few days (weeks), I think I'll try a more neutral color, see if that will work. :-)

Have fun!

Noordermarket - Every monday morning in the Westerstraat in Amsterdam

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